Beautiful Pencil Skirt Set

Beautiful Pencil Skirt Set

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The most beautiful two piece set!!!!

This set is so flirty, and so sexy.
And you can wear them as separates too!!!
Available in black or white!!!
Perfect for this season!
Wear it casual or dress it up. So versatile!!!!
MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!


SMALL TOP:                          SMALL SKIRT:

Bust: up to 34"                      Waist: 24"-34"

Waist: 22"-32"                      Hip: up to 36"

Length: 23"                           Length: 27"






MEDIUM TOP:                     MEDIUM SKIRT:

Bust: up to 36"                   Waist: 26"-38"

Waist: 24"-34"                  Hip: up to 38"

Length: 23"                       Length: 28"






LARGE TOP:                       LARGE SKIRT:

Bust: up to 40"                Waist: 28"-42"

Waist: 26"-36"                Hip: up to 40"

Length: 24"                       Length: 29"